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Director of Photography Shawn Hiatt

My RED EPIC camera is now upgraded to RED DRAGON 6k for amazing resolution and beauty!


Some recent photos from my Instagram feed :

American Advertising Federation's
2011 Hawaii Adman of the year

New: PL Mount Duclos 11-16mm T2.8 (Covers 5k)

This is a fantastic lens for Jib shots, StediCam / GlideCam shots, Handheld shots, Architecture, landscapes, etc. Just $175.00 / day.

Other fun new stuff:
Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition and lots and lots of mounting accessories!

RED EPIC Mysterium-X 5K #965

1 to 120 frames per second at 5K. 300 Frames per second in 2k.
Dynamic Range = 13.5 stops, up to 18 stops with HDRxª
Solid State media, BNC top plate, Full size XLR inputs, RED Mote,
PL mount w/ Canon AND Nikon mounts too, tons of extras. Contact me today about it.

My 4.5k RED ONE #5018 W/ MX sensor
(see details on equipment page)

Canon DSLR
5D Mark II AND 7D packages are available!

Other new gear for the DSLR packages to allow extra HDSDI monitors around the set.

Just Finished:
Commercials for Yamato Ya Japanese Restaraunt in Anchorage Alaska
2nd Unit Camera Operator for Hawaii 5-0
Some beautiful spots for First Hawaiian Bank, directed by James Sereno.
Awesome food shots for Eric's Deli Cafe in the California Bay Area.
2012 trailer for The Big Island Film Festival
Under the Hula( (Feature)
Awaiting (Short Film)
Jib for Ace Shoot out Celebrity Golf Challenge for Children's Miracle Network.
**2nd Unit DP for George Clooney's movie DECENDENTS.
**2nd Unit DP for SOUL SURFER the Bethany Hamilton movie.
** DP on Feature Film KNOTS
** Used my 40' Jib for The Lantern Floating Festival
**Used my 30' Jib for Merrie Monarch Hula.
** Shot the trailer for the Big Island Film Festival.

Finally a link to the Christmas Music Video I shot for Tim Savage and New Hope Christmas Music Video

I'm on Twitter now and then, look for: edgecityfilms

4.5K Mysterium X RED ONE CAMERA #5018!

Partial list of the new camera package:

PL Mount & Nikon Mount
(4) RED Drives (3) 16GB cards & (8) 8GB Cards
20-100 Cooke 35mm (4K)
8-64 Canon (2k) Super - 16
O'connor Ultimate 2060 Fluid Head W/ Mitchel base tripod, Standards, Baby, Hi-Hat
Electronic View Finder & 5.6" LCD
Origo remote start/stop
Element Technica BNC bracket
Extra cables for everything
(6) RED batteries, (3) dual chargers & AC adapters
6x6 Arri swingaway Mattebox & 4x4 Chroziel Matte Box & Follow Focus
Arri base & Top handles
RedOne 4k camera

(Nikon mount REDONE, RED EPIC or with Canon DSLR cameras)
Nikon 20mm 
Zeiss 25mm
Zeiss 35mm
Zeiss 50mm Macro
Zeiss 85mm
Zeiss 100mm Macro
Nikon 180mm
Nikon 80-400mm
Nikon Macro bellows
Holga lens Nikon mount
Pinhole lens Nikon mount

Then there are also my new Broadcast Panasonic HD LCD monitors 8.4", 17", 26"
etc..... lots of fun stuff!

Recent Jobs I've done on the Red Camera:

Oceanic Time Warner Cable
Bank of Hawaii
Mobi Cellular Phone
KNOTS (Feature Film / TV Pilot)
Campaign for Swedish American Hospital in Rockford Illinois.
Anti Smoking campaign for Kinetic Productions
Mick Fleetwood for Pat and Pat Productions LA
Soap Opera "MAGIC ISLAND" for Oceanic Time Warner
W. M. Keck Observatory / Moey Inc.
Central Pacific Bank
American Savings Bank
Oceanic Time Warner Cable
UH Credit Bureau

Recent Q&A for a Class I taught for Pacific New Media July 17th:

What I love about working behind the camera is that, I love being there creating and catching the "perfect" moments that happen, the camaraderie of the crew and working with a director to realize their vision for their film or job is wonderful.

Today's film and video industry in Hawaii is completely different from when I started in 1988. When I started there were no TV series in town, and if they did come to town they were inaccessible to young folks. There were only 2-3 production companies in town doing all of the commercials that were on the air. You pretty much had to wait for someone to die before everyone could move up... All of the equipment was super expensive and also UH had NOTHING in the way of gear when I moved here in 1985. You really had to love it and beg borrow and steal to have any access to anything or any opportunity. The big commercials were all shot on 35mm film, mid sized budgets were on 16mm and the low end commercials and the ones done by TV stations were all on Portable 1" videotape or 3/4" Videotape. Non-linear editing did not exist yet and no one had editing systems except for the production companies, the TV stations and a couple of basic ones at Oceanic Community cable (before it was Olelo) and in the University of Hawaii system.

With everyone having access to some form of Camera system, whether in their phone, an IPad, DSLR, whatever form it will take in the next 5 minutes, it is an amazing opportunity to make any kind of project one can dream of. If you want your finished project to have impact, the language of cinema is still essential to know no matter what you are shooting on, so the basics still matter... it's just the format that doesn't matter today.

The good and the bad about our camera systems today... The new cameras are beautiful and the images are as clean as they have ever been. The good is the super fast turnaround to put the images to use and the depth of the image data for color correction and latitude. The bad is that the images are all ones and zeros and can be lost accidentally wiped clean very very easily and may not have a long shelf life for archival purposes due to hard drive life. On the set, being able to see so much on monitors has created issues for makeup, set decoration, and given clients / producers / directors a chance to have an opinion about every little thing they see on the monitor. In the beginning there was no video tap and everyone trusted the Director of Photography to make it amazing, then with the video tap being of very poor quality it was understood it was just for framing and not for picture quality... now the HD picture on the set is still for reference, but with the picture being so clear it has taken away a lot of the independence and mystique from Cinematographers and Dp's. I haven't done any 3d projects yet, but I'm sure it will be a staple of production from now on.

I don't have one favorite movie, but a short list of my favorite would be: Casablanca, The Matrix, A Room With a View, Gattica, Blade Runner, Hero, A Hard Day's Night, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The first season of Dead Wood, to mention a few.

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